On-site Commissioning

ELECSPEC is a first choice supplier for power and control systems, motor starters, plug and receptacles, conduit fittings & lighting fixtures for use in Harsh and Hazardous locations throughout Asia-Pacific, Greater Asia, and Middle East.

We specialized in the Customization/Assembly of highly configurable Containerized Motor Control Center (MCC) for Use in Liquid Mud Plant set-up or any conventional plant setup which requires a MCC.


Successful MCC Projects:

Sakhalin Chayvo Beach Well-site
Sakhalin Odoptu Well-site
Brunei Jasra Base LMP
Israel Haifa Port LMP
Angola Luanda Port LMP


We provide Electrical System Engineering, providing Electrical Design from our Clients’ Operating Philosophy, Translating Requirements into Solutions.

With our extensive experience and expertise in working with Harsh and Hazardous locations, we are able to see through the project from conception to commissioning, including on-site installation and commissioning.

For any enquires and technical assistance,
please use the below contacts

Telephone: +65 6268 3672
Facsimile:+65 6268 6425
Sales Email: sales@elecspec.com.sg